Introduction for newbie

  • rshirsagar555
    # 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hey everyone! I’m Rajesh. Excited to join this community.

    I’m interested in learning how to refine best HR software, CRM tool, VoIP and be on top on , tech and IoT evolution; and to me it’s the place where everything connects. I look forward to learning from this talented group and contributing where I can.

    I enjoy traveling (especially in sunny places 🙂 ), mind-games, puzzles and challenges, Sci-Fi & Thriller either in books or movies, and fascinated about tech evolution.

    So right now I just looking for some best HR software forums & communities and I got this. But I couldn’t find an intro or new member thread, so if its not against the community guideline so love to start new one.

    So I’m starting with me, I would like if others will also join.

    Looking forward to discover this space; it seems users are at the core of this ecosystem to the benefit of its community members.

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