Is using Kredily safe?

  • Rajath Joshi
    # 2 years, 8 months ago

    Since Kredily is free of cost, I wanted to know is it safe to use their services or is my data under any threat?

  • Tarun Adnani
    # 2 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Rajat, let me assure you that your data with Kredily is 100% safe. I understand your concern when it comes to your company data. Data security is a priority for us at Kredily, and have enforced stringent security protocols to ensure your data is always secure with us.

    As far as Kredily being free of cost is concerned, we are able to achieve this because of our unique revenue model. Once you adopt the usage of Kredily, your employees receive an array of financial products on Kredily product which they can avail by just clicking a button. Again, your employee data is not shared with any financial institution and can only be opted-in by your employees.

    I hope this addresses your concern. You can read more about it over here

    Thank you
    Tarun Adnani
    Content Manager

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