PF & ESI Deductions

  • Venkatesh Reddy
    # 2 years, 8 months ago

    Is statutory deduction applicable(PF,ESI) during he/she is on sick/maternity/paternity leave?

  • Mainka Sharma
    # 2 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Venkatesh,

    All mandatory statutory deductions will have to be deducted. This is also covered under section 2(b)of the PF Act which states
    ““basic wages” means all emoluments which are earned by an employee while on duty or on leave or on holidays with wages in either case in accordance with the terms of the contract of employment and which are paid or payable in cash to him, but does not include-
    (i) the cash value of any food concession;
    (ii) any dearness allowance that is to say, all cash payments by whatever name called paid to an employee on account of a rise in the cost of living, house-rent allowance, overtime allowance, bonus, commission or any other similar allowance payable to the employee in respect of his employment or of work done in such employment;”

    I hope this is useful.

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