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About Kredily

What is Kredily?

Kredily is free for life HR and Payroll software that helps startups track, manage and streamline tedious HR activities in a matter of minutes. Here’s how Kredily can help your organization.

Manage Employee: Track and manage all your employees’ information, leaves taken/request and days attended.

Manage Payroll: Automate monthly payrolls and generate payslips for your employees’.

What is an HRMS?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) manages all the complex processes and functions of the HR department. Here a few features that will make you love the Kredily HR Software.

Employee Directory & Document Management: View all your employee details at a quick glance. Take individual or bulk actions to edit employee information. View, verify and manage all your employees’ necessary document.

Leave & Attendance Management: Approve/reject leave requests from your employees, view leaves taken and leaves available. Track your employees clock-in and clock-out hours. View weekly/monthly attendance reports.

Customizable rules: Custom assign leave and attendance rules to every employee or assign default rules to all. Define the total number of leaves granted in a year and approved in a month.

How much does Kredily cost?

As of today, there are two offerings that you can explore with Kredily; Free Forever Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Free Forever Plan

Professional Plan

Features Available

Employee Management

  • Employee directory
  • Document management
  • Organization chart
  • Machax – social network by Kredily

Attendance Management

  • Biometric integration
  • Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Shift management

Leave Management

  • Customizable rules
  • Leave approval workflows
  • Leave accruals


  • Customizable salary structures
  • Income tax projections for employees
  • PF, ESI, PT & TDS Statutory compliances
All features in “Free Forever Plan”


Leave & Attendance

  • GeoFencing
  • GeoTracking
  • IP Restriction
  • Document Management(Unlimited Storage)

Features Coming Soon

Employee Management

  • Multi-city calendars
  • Audit log – basic
  • Asset tracking


  • Freelancer/Stipend Salary Structure
  • Banking integrations
  • Generate challans
Employee Management

  • Onboarding management
  • Exit management
  • Audit log – Advanced
  • Admin access customization
  • Expense management

Leave & Attendance

  • Rotational Shift


  • Advanced Payslip formats

Implementation & Support

  • 3 hours implementation session
  • Support up to 2 payroll cycles
  • Email, chat and Community support available
  • Phone support available
  • Support for unlimited payroll cycles


Why does Kredily have a free forever option?

Kredily was created to democratize HR for organizations across India. Offering our product for free makes it accessible to everyone, no matter the organization’s size or industry.

Many organizations in our country still use Excel sheets for tracking attendance, managing leave and running payroll for their employees. This manual process is inefficient and time-consuming which can be prone to critical errors. While there are multiple existing solutions, they are often expensive. Kredily provides all the features that you get in your paid payroll software at zero cost.

We are able to generate revenue through our marketplace, Kredily Bazaar. Kredily Bazaar is where your employees can avail various financial products like health insurance, Sodexo meal coupons and even loans from our partner institutions. In turn, we are paid a commission fee by our partner institution when your employee buys a product from them.

Is Kredily’s ‘free forever’ plan free of cost for any number of employees?

Yes, Kredily’s ‘Free Forever Plan’ is free of cost for any number of employees in your organization.

How do I create my company’s Kredily account?

We have a simple 3-step process to help you create your company’s Kredily account.

Step 1: Go to Kredily’s home page.

Step 2: Complete the form with your Name, Company Name, Company Email id, Company Website, and Company Size.

Step 3: Click on ‘Create Account’

Voila! Your free HR and Payroll software account on Kredily will be created.

Do you offer a demo?

Yes, we most certainly do!

Whether you opt for the ‘Free Forever’ plan or ‘Enterprise’ plan our onboarding team will reach out to you to help you complete the setup of your Kredily account. Once, your account setup has been completed, our implementation team will reach out and give you a complete run-through of our platform.

How do you verify my details after signing up on Kredily?

The details submitted to us by you will be automatically verified if you’ve provided a valid company,

  • Email address,
  • Domain, or
  • Website

In case, the above details are not provided, your details will be verified upon a manual review by our team.

What is the first thing that I should do after signing up on Kredily?

After your details are verified and account created, you’ll be asked to set a password for your account. Once you’ve set your password, you’ll be redirected to your account’s dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can go through the product tour to understand the platform better. You can also watch our detailed demo videos or go through our product documentation, to know the Kredily platform and its various features.

What is the customer support that you are offering?

Our clients are assigned a dedicated Account manager who will help you complete the initial setup of your account.

For the ‘Free Forever’ plan, your account manager will also assist you through the first 2 payroll cycles executed through Kredily. And, receive online support through Live Chats, Emails and Community Help.

For the ‘Enterprise’ plan, your account manager will also you through all your payroll cycles as per your need. And, receive support through Phone Calls, Live Chats, Emails and Community Help.

As a Kredily user, you can also explore our support section which contains extensive user guides on how to use our product and FAQ’s to help you better understand the functionalities of our platform.

What is the onboarding timeline?

The onboarding process is simple and can be completed the same day you create your account. However, to complete the onboarding process, you will have to compile all your employees’ data in an excel sheet using the template provided.

How long are you in the industry? And, how many customers are using your software?

Kredily was launched in 2017. Thus far, we’ve received 3000+ sign up, and there are 1000+ companies currently using the Kredily HR & Payroll software.

Company Profile

Can I add employees without completing my company profile?

No, we’re sorry but, you can not add your employees to your Kredily account before setting up your company profile. This is a one-time process, and we recommend you complete this first.

To set up your company profile, you’ll have to complete the following sections

  • Overview: Covers your company’s essential information such as registered name, company email, company number, website, domain name and links to your company’s social handles.
  • Address: List the registered company address and addresses of other branches/offices your company might have.
  • Department: Define all the departments and sub-departments of your company.
  • Designation: Define designations that are needed for your company.
  • Bank Details: This section holds the account details of your company.
  • Statutory Info: Add statutory details such as entity type, CIN, date of incorporation, company Pan, company TAN, company GSTIN, directors, and auditors.
  • Admin: Company’s CEO and CFO will always have admin access to Kredily. You can also add the necessary team members as HR or Finance admins.
  • Policies: Define company-wide policies such as leave policy, reimbursement policy, and any other policy critical to your company.
  • Settings: Set the work week structure of your organization and make company-wide announcements.

Can I add more than one address for my company?

Yes, you most certainly can. While there can only be one registered address of your company, you can add additional addresses stating the address of your company’s other branches/offices.

Are there any set number of departments or designations I can add?

Not at all. We understand that every organization is different and functions in its own way. You can create as many departments and designations you need to reflect the perfect structure of your organization.

What’s the use of announcements?

Announcements are helpful when you need to broadcast certain information to all your organization’s employees. These announcements are shown with other notifications on the dashboard, and can also be viewed in Machax – your organization’s social network powered by Kredily.

How do I make sure all my employees know the standard company policies?

Company policies that all employees to be informed of can be uploaded under the ‘Policies’ section in ‘Company Profile.’ These uploaded policy documents can be now be viewed downloaded by your employees for their reference.

How many admins can my Kredily account have?

Under the ‘Admins’ section in ‘Company Profile,’ you’ll find there are 3 admin roles that can be assigned.

  • CEO: There can be only one CEO for an organization, and is an HR admin by default. The CEO can view/edit all employee information, approve/reject leave requests and add/remove admins.  
  • HR Admin: The HR Admin can view/edit all employee information,  approve/reject leave requests and add/remove admins. You can add as many HR Admins as required.
  • Finance Admin: The Finance Admin can view the salary, bank details and uploaded ID proofs of employees. You can add as many Finance Admins as required.

What’s the difference between HR Admin and Finance Admin? How to add more Admins?

The HR Admin assigned can view sensitive employee information, edit employee profile, approve/reject leave requests and add/remove admins. Whereas, a Finance Admin can see an employee’s salary, bank account details and sensitive information, PAN Card and ID proofs, submitted by the employee.

How to create and assign a work week?

To create a new work week cycle, open your ‘Company Profile’ under the ‘Settings’ section you’ll find the ‘Work Week’ tab with an additional ‘Create Work Week’ tab.

Here, you can view all predefined ‘Work Weeks’, set a particular workweek as ‘Company Default’ by clicking on ‘Set As Company Default’ button. You can also create a customized work week rule by clicking on the ‘Create New Rule’ button

To assign a work week, click on ‘Assign Work Week’ tab, this will redirect you to a list of all the employees in your organization along with their department, location, employment type, and current applied rule.

To change/add a workweek rule, you can follow the steps below

Step 1: Select the employee(s) to whom you need to assign a workweek rule.

Step 2: Click on ‘Assign Rules’

Step 3: Select the work week rule to be applied.

Step 4: Set the effective date of the rule and click ‘Apply.’

The selected work week rule be assigned for the selected employee(s).

Can I assign different work weeks to different employees?

Yes, absolutely! You can assign different work weeks to different employees. However, to do that you’ll have to make sure no work week rules are ‘Set As Company Default.’

In case, you have set a work week rule as default, click on ‘Company Default’ this will open a prompt box to confirm your action, click on ‘Yes.’ You’ve successfully deactivated your company’s default work week.

Now, navigate to ‘Assign Work Week’ tab and assign different work weeks to different employees as per your need.

How do I add employees?

We have provided two options for you to add an employee. If you need to add only a single employee, you can just go to the dashboard and click on Add employee.

In case, you want to add multiple employees, we have provided an option to bulk add in the Directory where you can download the excel format and fill in the employee details. Once that is done, you can just import it into the system.

Are employees that I add automatically given access to the Kredily platform?

No, your added employees aren’t automatically given access to the Kredily platform. We understand that your company’s entire structure should be reflected on our platform before all your employees can start using the platform.

Once you’ve done setting up your Kredily account, open the ‘Directory’ application on your dashboard and click on ‘Rollout Kredily To Employees’, this will trigger an invite to all employees you’ve added to join Kredily.

How do I delete an employee?

In the current system, the admin does not have access to delete an employee record. However, there is an option to make an employee ‘Inactive’ in case of an exit.

Open your employee’s profile, click on the ‘Work’ tab. Under ‘Basic Info’ click the ‘Edit’ icon and change the ‘Employee Status’ to ‘Inactive.’ At the bottom of the same page, you will find the Resignation Info tab. You can update the resignation details of the employee here.

As soon as the employee is made inactive, their logic access will be revoked, and their name will not appear in the Directory.

To view all inactive employees of your organization,  open the ‘Directory’ application, and check the ‘Include Inactive Users’ checkbox to see all, active and inactive, employees in your organization. Only the admin has access to view details of inactive employees.

My Profile

What is my profile page?

‘My Profile’ is your personal profile page that is visible to others in your organization. Similarly, ‘My Profile’ page will reflect the personal profiles of all your employees.

What all fields can my employees edit in their profiles?

Your employees can edit their personal information such as Name, DOB, Blood Group, Gender, Marital Status, Personal Email Id, Phone Number, Current/Permanent Address and link their other social profiles to their profile.

They can also add their education history under the ‘Education’ tab, add emergency contact or family’s contact information under the ‘Family’ tab. And, upload documents for ID proofs, certifications and work-related documents under the ‘Documents’ section.

Is it necessary to add Education and Family details?

While not made mandatory, it is highly recommendable to encourage your employee to complete their profile with all their education and family details. This ensures that all details are readily available along with necessary contact information of family members in case of emergencies.

What all documents can my employees upload?

Your employees can upload the necessary ID proofs such as a relevant photo ID, DOB proof, Current Address, and Permanent Address.

They also can upload documents regarding any certifications they’ve completed and/or any work-related documents.

As a HR admin what information can I see on my employee’s profile page?

As an HR admin, you can view your employees’ personal information, work details, team details, education & family details as added by the employee. Along with documents uploaded, leave history and payroll history.

Can my employees update their current and permanent address without providing an address proof?

Yes, they most certainly can. We understand that not all documents might be readily available for your employees while completing their profile; however, we recommend to encourage your employees to upload the necessary documents later for efficient management.

Leave & Attendence

Can an employee login from any location by using a mobile?

Yes, your employees can log in from any location on Kredily. Kredily is a cloud-based platform where the users can log in from any location using their mobile. However, we will soon be introducing Geofencing and IP Restriction options, which will be able to restrict employee login from a particular geographical location and IP address only.

How do I assign attendance shift to my employees?

To assign attendance rules to your employees, in the ‘Attendance’ application click on the ‘Rules’ tab. Now under ‘Rules’ navigate to ‘Apply Attendance Rules’ tab, this will open a list of all your employees with their details and rules currently applied.

To add a new attendance rule, click on the checkbox corresponding to the employee to whom you need to assign attendance rules to and click ‘Assign Rules,’ this should open a drop-down list with all attendance rules available, select the rule you wish to apply and click ‘Apply.’ The attendance rule will be applied to your employee.

However, to apply attendance rules this way you’ll have to make sure no attendance rules are ‘Set As Company Default,’ as in such a case, the default attendance rule will be applied to all your employees automatically.

Can I create multiple shift rules for my employees?

Yes, you can create multiple shift rules for your employees as per your organization’s policies.

From your dashboard open the ‘Attendance’ application, click on the ‘Rules’ tab, and select ‘Create New Rule.’ Now, you can custom create an attendance rule that caters to your requirement.

For a detailed explanation on how to create shift rules check out our user guide on Attendance.

Do I have to follow the default attendance rule given by Kredily?

No, absolutely not! The predefined attendance rules have been provided for your convenience and understanding. You can delete the predefined rules and create new ones for your organization.

Note – To delete an Attendance rule you have to make sure that it isn’t applied to any of your employees.

Can employees regularize their anomalies in attendance?

Yes, employees can regularize their anomalies in attendance but only after providing a valid reason to their managers. In case your employees fail to provide a valid reason for their anomalies to their managers, leave deduction rules as defined will be applied.

Is there a way to track my employees hours at work?

Yes, you can track your employees in-time, out-time and work duration in ‘Attendance’ application.

However, to keep track of your employees hours at work, we recommend you to encourage your employees to clock-in at the start of each day by click ‘Web Clock-in’ on their dashboard and clock-out at the end of each day.

Employee Directory

What is the use of the directory?

The ‘Directory’ is a list of all your organization’s employees which is accessible to all your employees using Kredily.

Under ‘Directory’ your employees can view the Name, Department, Designation, Manager, and Location of all other employees. Optionally, you can also choose to keep details such as Phone Number, Email Id, and Social Profile Links visible to all your employees.

Can all my employees view the entire employee directory?

The Directory contains the primary information of all your employees and can be viewed by all employees.

Employees will only be able to view other employees’ Name, Department, Designation, Manager, and Location in the Directory, along with, Email, Phone Id and Social links, if made visible by the admin.

My employees have uploaded sensitive documents is that visible too in the directory?

No, not at all! We know that the documents submitted by your employees contain sensitive information which should only be available to certain personnel in the company.

Under the Directory application your employees will only be able to view the Name, Department, Designation, Manager, Number, Email Id, Social Links and Location of other employees in the organization.

What details can I bulk edit in the directory?

You can bulk edit as many as 7 fields, Department, Reporting Manager, Designation, Grade, Location, Employee Status, and Employee Type, for more than one employee in one go.

To bulk edit, select the employees by click the checkboxes corresponding to your employees whose details you need to edit. Once selected, click on ‘Bulk Edit’ next to the search bar of the Directory. This will open a pop-up with the fields you can edit for selected employees. Add the details to be edited, choose an effective date and click ‘Save.’ You can view the updated information in the Directory.

How do I view employees who no longer work for my organization?

Employees that no longer work for your organization will have their Employment Status set to ‘Inactive.’ To view ‘Inactive Employees’, check the ‘Include Inactive Employees’ checkbox, once the page is refreshed you’ll be able to view all, active and inactive, employees of your organization.

What does ‘Rollout Kredily To Employees’ do?

‘Rollout Kredily To Employees’ sends an invitation mail to all the employees uploaded by you to join your organization’s Kredily account.

It is highly recommended to rollout Kredily to your employees only after you’ve completed the setup of your Kredily account.

What is the organization chart?

Organization Chart will give you an overview of the structure of your entire organization. It outlines the roles and relationships between employees of your organization in a tree-like structure.

Generally, it will originate with the CEO of your organization and list all your employees based on their role and reporting manager.

Document Management

What all documents can my employees submit?

Your employees can submit documents for ID proof, DOB proof and address proof. Also, they can submit rent receipts, and other documents verifying their investments under Section 80C and other exemptions, to aid in tax deduction calculations.

Are all uploaded documents automatically approved and verified?

The submitted documents are automatically approved if uploaded by an admin. In other cases, admins will have to manually verify the uploaded documents, to do so, open your employees’ profile, under ‘Documents’ tab you can view all uploaded documents by your employee and manually verify them.

What documents or investment declarations can be made by my employees on Kredily?

Your employees can submit valid document and proofs of their house rent, any investments made as stated under Section 80C of the Income Tax Department and/or any other investments made for tax deduction purposes.

Are all investment declarations automatically approved and verified?

Investment proofs are automatically approved if uploaded by an admin on behalf of your employees. If your employees upload the documents, it will have to be manually verified.

You can find all uploaded documents and investments declared by your employees, under the ‘Declaration’ tab in your ‘Payroll’ application. As an admin, you can see the investments disclosed by your employees and approve/reject them.

How are tax deductions calculated for my employees?

Tax deductions for your employees are calculated for approved investment declarations only.

In case, an employee discloses an investment which isn’t approved by the admin that investment won’t account for the tax deduction of your employee.

Can my employees submit Form 12BB and Form 16 through Kredily?

At present, we do not have the option to submit Form 12BB and Form 16 through Kredily. However, our tech teams are working around the clock to better our platform and the feature for your employees to submit Form 12BB and Form 16 will be available soon.

Payroll Management

What is a Payroll Software?

A payroll system is a software that automates all tax related to employee salary and employment taxes. A payroll system can help you calculate working hours and employee salary, generate payslips and simplify employment taxes.

What settings are editable under Payroll section?

Under Payroll Setting, there are 6 payroll settings for you to edit to support your organization’s requirements. These 6 payroll settings are

Payroll settings: Define your organization’s pay settings and paydays calculation settings by setting the effective date, pay frequency, pay cycle, payout date and how to handle leave requests beyond cut off date.

PF & ESI settings: Switch your PF and ESI to On or Off depending upon your organization’s requirement.

PT settings: Enable or disable PT settings depending upon your company’s requirement. Moreover, you have an option for PT settings to be applicable to all states or choose specific ones.

Declaration settings: Define the tax declaration settings for your organization by setting the declaration window, applicable to all or selected employees and if mandatory to submit declaration proofs.

Payout settings: Payout settings help you choose between bank transfer, cheque or cash payout modes for your employees.

Payslip settings: Define the default payslip format for your organization from a list of 4 predefined payslip formats.

How many salary structures can I create?

You can create as many salary structures that are required to support your organization’s need.

To create a salary structure, open ‘Payroll’ application from the dashboard. Click on the ‘Salary Structure’ tab and navigate to the ‘Structure’ tab. Here, click on ‘Create New Structure’ to create a new salary structure for your organization.

I need to assign different salary structure to each employee, is that possible?

Yes, you most certainly can. However, to assign a different salary structure to different employees, you’ll have to make sure no salary structure is ‘Set As Company Default.’

In case, any salary structure is set as default open that salary structure and click on ‘Company Default’ this will open a prompt box, click ‘Yes.’

Click on the ‘Apply Salary Structure’ tab, and select the employee to whom you need to assign a salary structure. Click on ‘Assign Rules,’ select the desired salary structure, choose the effective date, and click ‘Apply.’

How many components are assigned to the salary structure? Can these be edited?

There are 4 essential components to the salary structure those are base, recurring, variable and ad-hoc.

The base helps you define the base component and HRA component of your employee salary. You can add recurring variables such as medical allowance, phone reimbursement or add new components to support your salary structure.

Similarly, you can choose from a list of predefined variable components such as annual bonuses or special incentives. You can also add Adhoc components to support the required salary structure.

We have PF only for a few employees. How do I implement this?

If you have only a few employees who have PF as part of their salary structure, you’ll have to enable ‘Provident Fund Status’ and enable ‘Allow Individual PF Override.’

Once enabled click on the ‘Overview’ tab. Here you can view all your employees and their PF details. You can edit the PF settings such as turn off PF, custom PF rule, PF number, and effective date, for individual employees.

If there is no PF for our organization, will the field still show up in the Payslip?

If there is no PF for your organization, you can disable Provident Fund Status under PF & ESI Settings. Once disabled this field will not show up in any of the generated payslips for your organization.

Can I run payroll for different locations separately?

No, payroll for all your organization’s locations can be run only once after verifying Leave & Attendance, Salary Revisions, Variable & Adhoc, Salary on hold and Tax override details under ‘Run Payroll’ tab.

Which address does the Payslip pick up?

The Payslip picks up the address of your organization where the corresponding employee is located at.

For example – If you have one employee in Bangalore and the other in Mumbai, then the payslips will pick up the Bangalore and Mumbai address of your organization respectively.

I need a different Payslip format that what you have provided, how do I get that?

We have provided 4 predefined payslip formats under payslip settings. At present, there is no option to build a custom payslip format. However, our tech teams are working around the clock to better our platform, and we’ll be providing the feature to create custom Payslips soon.

How does attendance integrate with Payroll?

At present, we do not have the option of integrating attendance with Payroll. However, our tech teams are working around the clock to better our platform, and we’ll be providing attendance integration with Payroll soon.


What is Machax?

Machax is your organization’s very own social network powered by Kredily. We’ve included Machax to encourage collaborations and interactions between all employees of your company.

Who all can post on Machax?

All the active employees of your organization that is using Kredily can use Machax to share updates, ideas and collaborate with other employees of the organization.

What types of communications are supported on Machax?

Every post published on Machax needs to have a title and description with an option to attach an image. An employee posting on Machax can all choose a post category and make it visible company-wide or their department or team.

Can I use Kredily to connect with other members in the organization?

You can not have a one-on-one conversation with other employees in the organization. However, one can communicate with other employees using Machax. Just create a post, share it with the whole organization or only your team or department, and let the conversations flow!

What’s the difference between an announcement and a normal post on Machax?

A post on Machax can be made visible to the entire organization or to specific teams/departments. However, announcements are made visible company-wide by default and also appears on the notification panel on the dashboard.

Data Security

Is my data safe with Kredily?

We understand that your employees’ data is critical and so, we have taken the necessary steps to secure your data,

  • Kredily’s website is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). A few other companies using AWS are Amazon, Airbnb, BMW, General Electric and Netflix.
  • Kredily uses advanced security measures like robust transport layer security to protect customer data through server authentication.
  • As a user, only you have access to upload, edit or modify any employee data. You can also export all your employee data at any point in time from the Kredily system.

After looking at our robust security features, 1000+ companies have trusted us with their employee data.

Where is my employee data stored?

Your employee data is stored on our cloud servers hosted on Amazon Web Server (AWS) which is the largest used cloud servers in the world and securely stores all data using robust security measures.

Can I export my data at a future date?

Yes, you can export all your employee information, attendance logs, leave logs and payroll logs from the Kredily platform at any point in time.

Does Kredily sell my company and employee data to third party entities?

No, not at all! We don’t share any of company or employee data with any third party entity, as we understand the sensitivity of such information and under no circumstances, it should be compromised.

If we discontinue your services, can we get back up of all the data?

Yes, you most certainly can. All your data on the platform can be exported at any point in time.

How long do you retain my data if I am not using your software?

If you stop using our platform, we will retain your data for 2 months before we initiate the deactivation process of your account.

How frequently do you update your software?

We are constantly working on improving the Kredily platform, and powering it up with features that make your life simpler and business smarter. We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments and features on the platform.

Kredily Bazaar

What is Kredily Baazar?

At Kredily we are creating a marketplace for working class Indians called ‘Kredily Baazar.’ Through Kredily Baazar your employees can connect with the best financial institutions in the country and get pre-approved loans and other financial products without going through any troubles of availing these services.

In turn, our financial partners pay us a commission fee for every service availed through Kredily Bazaar which brings in revenue for our company.

Are all my employees data by default shared with all Kredily partnered bank and NBFCs?

No, not at all! We do not share your employee data with any third party entity.

If an employee wants to avail a loan or a financial product through Kredily Bazaar, he or she has to share their employment and salary data with the respective financial institution as required.

We are just a platform which enables the transaction and makes it easy for your employees to submit the required information to avail any financial product.

Will my employees be disturbed by loan and finance calls all day?

No, none of our partner institutions will call your employees regarding their offerings, as none of your employee details are pre-shared with our partners.

If an employee of yours decides to buy a product from Kredily Bazaar, he or she has to share their relevant information with our partner institution. Only then, will any of our partner institutions will reach out to them with regards to the product your employee has shown interest in.

What all offerings can my employees expect to find on Kredily Bazaar?

Your employees can expect to find an array of financial products on Kredily Bazaar. This is to make sure they get a hassle-free experience while securing their financial products such as credit cards, personal loans, and home loans.

ICICI Bank Integration

I have transfered to the wrong bank account? What do I do?

Please contact your bank branch immediately. The funds can only be reversed if the beneficiary of the wrong transfer account provides an authorisation letter to the nearest ICICI Bank branch, stating that the funds were erroneously credited to his/ her account and the same can be reversed to the remitter.
Hence, we request you to visit the ICICI Bank branch where you have your account and seek assistance from the Branch Manager for initiating the request letter to the wrong beneficiary. Please click here to find the nearest ICICI Bank (link to bank’s branch site) All India corporate banking/retain banking customer care number: 1860 120 6699
You need to ensure accuracy of the account number and amount. Kredily and ICICI Bank will not be responsible for wrong credit.

How do I change my account number?

>> You can change your account number by navigating to Payroll -> Settings -> Payout Settings tab. In this page, click on Edit next to the employee’s name and update the bank details.
>> You can also change your account number or another employee’s by navigating to their personal profile -> Payroll -> Bank details tab.

Can I reverse/undo a transaction?

>> No, you cannot revert a transaction through Kredily. If an incorrect transaction has been processed, please reach out to the ICICI Bank branch where you have our account and seek assistance fromt he Branch Manager.

Can I change my account details later?

>> Yes, you can change your account details at any point in time. However, if the transaction has already been completed for a certain month, account details will not get updated in that month’s payout details.

Can I transfer salaries to non ICICI Bank accounts also?

>> Yes you can transfer salaries to any bank account.

Are there are transaction charges?

>> No, there are no transaction charges.

Can I change test transaction amount from 1000 Rs to another amount?

>> Yes you can. You will need to revise the Annual CTC of the employee from 12000/annum to any other desired amount and then run the test transaction.

I have entered wrong bank account number & test transaction has been processed. What do I do now?

Please contact your bank branch immediately. The funds can only be reversed if the beneficiary of the wrong transfer account provides an authorisation letter to the nearest ICICI Bank branch, stating that the funds were erroneously credited to his/ her account and the same can be reversed to the remitter.
Hence, we request you to visit the ICICI Bank branch where you have your account and seek assistance from the Branch Manager for initiating the request letter to the wrong beneficiary. Please click here to find the nearest ICICI Bank (link to bank’s branch site) All India corporate banking/retain banking customer care number: 1860 120 6699
You need to ensure accuracy of the account number and amount. Kredily and ICICI Bank will not be responsible for wrong credit.

Can I use only login instead of corp id or user id to integrate Kredily?

No, Corp ID and User ID is mandatory information.

Will I get notification if payment fails?

>> The status of payment which the system received from ICICI is updated real time on the Payout page. If there is a failure in transaction, you will see the reason for failure once you take your cursor on the status.

What to do if I forget my Kredily username & password?

>> For forgotten password, please use the Forgot my password functionality. Your username is the official email ID or number that you’ve signed up with. If you do not recollect your username, please write to with your company name and we will revert to you.

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