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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kredily?

Kredily is free for life HR and Payroll software that helps startups track, manage and streamline tedious HR activities in a matter of minutes. Here’s how Kredily can help your organization.

Manage Employee: Track and manage all your employees’ information, leaves taken/request and days attended.

Manage Payroll: Automate monthly payrolls and generate payslips for your employees’.

What is an HRMS?

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) manages all the complex processes and functions of the HR department. Here a few features that will make you love the Kredily HR Software.

Employee Directory & Document Management: View all your employee details at a quick glance. Take individual or bulk actions to edit employee information. View, verify and manage all your employees’ necessary document.

Leave & Attendance Management: Approve/reject leave requests from your employees, view leaves taken and leaves available. Track your employees clock-in and clock-out hours. View weekly/monthly attendance reports.

Customizable rules: Custom assign leave and attendance rules to every employee or assign default rules to all. Define the total number of leaves granted in a year and approved in a month.

How much does Kredily cost?

As of today, there are two offerings that you can explore with Kredily; Free Forever Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Free Forever Plan

Professional Plan

Features Available

Employee Management

  • Employee directory
  • Document management
  • Organization chart
  • Machax – social network by Kredily

Attendance Management

  • Biometric integration
  • Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Shift management

Leave Management

  • Customizable rules
  • Leave approval workflows
  • Leave accruals


  • Customizable salary structures
  • Income tax projections for employees
  • PF, ESI, PT & TDS Statutory compliances
All features in “Free Forever Plan”


Leave & Attendance

  • GeoFencing
  • GeoTracking
  • IP Restriction
  • Document Management(Unlimited Storage)

Features Coming Soon

Employee Management

  • Multi-city calendars
  • Audit log – basic
  • Asset tracking


  • Freelancer/Stipend Salary Structure
  • Banking integrations
  • Generate challans
Employee Management

  • Onboarding management
  • Exit management
  • Audit log – Advanced
  • Admin access customization
  • Expense management

Leave & Attendance

  • Rotational Shift


  • Advanced Payslip formats

Implementation & Support

  • 3 hours implementation session
  • Support up to 2 payroll cycles
  • Email, chat and Community support available
  • Phone support available
  • Support for unlimited payroll cycles


Why does Kredily have a free forever option?

Kredily was created to democratize HR for organizations across India. Offering our product for free makes it accessible to everyone, no matter the organization’s size or industry.

Many organizations in our country still use Excel sheets for tracking attendance, managing leave and running payroll for their employees. This manual process is inefficient and time-consuming which can be prone to critical errors. While there are multiple existing solutions, they are often expensive. Kredily provides all the features that you get in your paid payroll software at zero cost.

We are able to generate revenue through our marketplace, Kredily Bazaar. Kredily Bazaar is where your employees can avail various financial products like health insurance, Sodexo meal coupons and even loans from our partner institutions. In turn, we are paid a commission fee by our partner institution when your employee buys a product from them.

Is Kredily’s ‘free forever’ plan free of cost for any number of employees?

Yes, Kredily’s ‘Free Forever Plan’ is free of cost for any number of employees in your organization.

How do I create my company’s Kredily account?

We have a simple 3-step process to help you create your company’s Kredily account.

Step 1: Go to Kredily’s home page.

Step 2: Complete the form with your Name, Company Name, Company Email id, Company Website, and Company Size.

Step 3: Click on ‘Create Account’

Voila! Your free HR and Payroll software account on Kredily will be created.

Do you offer a demo?

Yes, we most certainly do!

Whether you opt for the ‘Free Forever’ plan or ‘Enterprise’ plan our onboarding team will reach out to you to help you complete the setup of your Kredily account. Once, your account setup has been completed, our implementation team will reach out and give you a complete run-through of our platform.

How do you verify my details after signing up on Kredily?

The details submitted to us by you will be automatically verified if you’ve provided a valid company,

  • Email address,
  • Domain, or
  • Website

In case, the above details are not provided, your details will be verified upon a manual review by our team.

What is the first thing that I should do after signing up on Kredily?

After your details are verified and account created, you’ll be asked to set a password for your account. Once you’ve set your password, you’ll be redirected to your account’s dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can go through the product tour to understand the platform better. You can also watch our detailed demo videos or go through our product documentation, to know the Kredily platform and its various features.

What is the customer support that you are offering?

Our clients are assigned a dedicated Account manager who will help you complete the initial setup of your account.

For the ‘Free Forever’ plan, your account manager will also assist you through the first 2 payroll cycles executed through Kredily. And, receive online support through Live Chats, Emails and Community Help.

For the ‘Enterprise’ plan, your account manager will also you through all your payroll cycles as per your need. And, receive support through Phone Calls, Live Chats, Emails and Community Help.

As a Kredily user, you can also explore our support section which contains extensive user guides on how to use our product and FAQ’s to help you better understand the functionalities of our platform.

What is the onboarding timeline?

The onboarding process is simple and can be completed the same day you create your account. However, to complete the onboarding process, you will have to compile all your employees’ data in an excel sheet using the template provided.

How long are you in the industry? And, how many customers are using your software?

Kredily was launched in 2017. Thus far, we’ve received 3000+ sign up, and there are 1000+ companies currently using the Kredily HR & Payroll software.

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